Air Cargo Services

Some of the top reasons due to which people opt for air freight services are:
1. These services guarantee you services all across the globe. 
2. They can access thousands of flights each day from all important international airports.
  3. They even provide the collection and the delivery service. 
4. They can transport any size cargo without any limit. 
5. You can easily access all tracking options on the internet.

These air freight companies also act as the third party logistic providers and deal with all the issues related to the transportation of goods. They not only offer their services to their customers, but to different transportation companies who actually transport all the goods. Apart from this, these companies successfully manage the entire logistics consignments for their clients thereby permitting them to focus their attention on increasing their business. Actually these air freight companies exemplify their competence by successful delivery of cargo to their final destination at most affordable prices.

These air freight companies go to any extent to maximize the convenience of their clients. These companies also provide various packages which consider the size and destination of goods which are to be transported. Depending upon the needs, customers can choose the most appropriate package.

As you've already seen, there are several benefits of using an air freight shipping service and if you would like ensure the timely delivery of your goods to any part of the world, then you must opt for this service at the earliest.

Air cargo service in its simple terms is defined as the additional advantages that the service providing companies offer to their customers. These services differ from airlines to airlines. Some companies offer a larger set of services while others offer a less. The services that are offered by passenger transportation airline would be much different than the services offered by the airline that is involved in transportation of goods and service.

The extra service that are offered by a passenger transportation airline would include the handling of the baggage, ticket verification before the travel, skycap, sometimes unaccompanied minor escort, wheel chair services for the handicapped and the list goes on as per the airline decides. Also the extra services given by a freight shipping company would include the road transportation between various airports, also transportation between airport and the inland container centers, service like getting the air cargo completely cleared at the entrance, centers for perishable goods and also sometimes warehousing of the bonded and the non-bonded goods. What all services to provide to the customers are solely decided by the airline company that we choose.

One of the most important services that are offered by the air transport company is the document preparation and verification. If the documents are not clear then there are chances that the cargo will fall into wrong trap. We hardly know what all documents would be required so this is much crucial for all customers. If this is assured by the company that the documents would be in order then the customers can rest assured that the goods would be transported safely.

Today the things have changed a lot. Every day new restrictions are imposed on the transportation of goods and service. The world and the industry have increased their safety standards since 2001, so it is not that easy now to ship any goods by the air transport. There is limit in every element included in the cargo like the size of container, the weight of container, the quantity of the toxic materials that can be sent at a single stance and many more. So choosing a reliable cargo company is more important as they would be taking the complete charge of the transportation of your goods and service and one of your important business processes is dependent on them. Another crucial service that the customers need to enquire to the air cargo company is the shipment tracking service. It is very valuable information for any company or the individual to know location and the status of their shipment at a given point of time. You should be able to track your shipment. Also before employing any air cargo companies, be updated about what the prices that the air cargo companies would be charging for what kind of goods. Also apart from that have knowledge about what kinds of goods are legal to be transported through air and which are not. These are certain issues that would be handled by the air cargo agents but still you need to inquire all so that you can get clear about the services that you would be getting from the air cargo company.

So inquiring about the above all services would make your experience of shipping service a pleasant one. As sometimes few extra services provided by the air cargo companies would be making a huge difference to your business process. So always choose a airline cargo shipping company with great precaution as you don't want to make your experience a horrible one.

Ever wondered how the food you ate last night tasted so good and fresh despite the fact it can only be found in another part of the world? Well, that's the wonders of technology and air freight services. In the recent year, air freight services have become very popular with many manufacturing industries and businesses as well as the common man. Their popularity can be attributed to the fact that these services offer many advantages. Customers can not only be assured that their package would arrive on time but also in good condition.

There are several air freight service agencies around today that offer their customers various services such as door to door delivery which makes these services all the more popular. Despite the fact that it can be a pretty expensive exercise, it still remains popular amongst many exporters and common man alike. An air freight service company is committed to ensure that your package reaches its destination safely from the time it leaves its country of origin to the door step of its destination. Part of its services is to handle any documentation that has to be done such as insurance, security of the package and also ensure that their agents at the receiving end look after your business. Sending packages through this service agency can be beneficial in many ways and also cost effective.

An alternative to these services for sending a package overseas can be through shipping. This service has been around for ages, however, the benefits that air freight services offer far out weight those of transportation through shipping. Sea cargo can take between days to weeks to reach its destination. This may not be ideal for transporting food items as they would not remain fresh and in some cases become inedible. Sometimes, packages would even get lost due to improper handling.

Here are some of the advantages of transporting through air freight service.
· It is much faster as compared to any other form of cargo transportation. Any ports around the world can be reached within 2 days. This reduces the risks of damage to goods.
· Food items that require quick delivery in order to fetch a higher price in the market depending on how fresh they are can make use of this service.
· Service agencies now provide additional services such as door-to-door delivery of packages and handling of any documentation for the transportation of goods in order to out-do their competitors.
· Delivery through these services also provides better security for the goods being transported due to the fact that transportation is through air.

· The insurance that an exporter or a person sending packages through air freight has to pay is generally lower compared to sending items through land or sea freight due to the fact that lesser time is needed for transportation thus resulting in lower insurance premiums. · As air transportation of cargo is much smoother compared to sea or land, lesser packaging is required thus saving cost.
Air freight services definitely have several advantages over any other form of cargo transportation. Before sending packages through air cargo, one should do proper research on the company they wish to send their package through. Exporters should be sure of what kind of packaging is required for their goods and the time it will take for the package to reach its destination to ensure quality of food items being transported. The charges, services that the agency would provide and other details should be clearly laid out in front of the customer.

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Air Cargo Services in India !